• 100g cream cheese 
  • 76g milk 
  • 35g unsalted butter 
  • 35g All function flour 
  • 38g egg yolks d
  • 78g egg whites 
  • 40g sugar


1. Preheat oven 150°c. Double boil elements (A) Cream cheese, milk, butter in a mixing bowl. Whisk till no lump. Put elements (B) All function flour, combine will. Final elements (C). 

2. Beat egg white, sugar separate into 3 parts. Egg white should refrigerate earlier than begin beating (extra secure when mixing). Beat into mushy peak. 


3. Egg white separate into 2 parts, fold gently with cheese combination utilizing a spatula.

4. Utilizing baking oil spray on 6” inch mould and ensure absolutely cowl. 

5. Pour the combination into mould. Stir the floor until easily with a stick and put together a tray, then pour sizzling water round 1 inch top and bake the cheesecake in 150°c for 70 minutes. First, bake 20 minutes with door shut.Second, bake 25 minutes and go away a niche at oven’s door (round 1.5 cm) to let the recent steam slowly launch out. That is to stop the cake rises too excessive and the cheesecake floor from cracking. Third, rotate the cake , and bake one other 25 minutes go away with a small hole bake till golden brown. Complete baking time 70 minutes. 

6. Take pleasure in.

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