How to Clean Your Cookie Sheets

The trick to cleansing a cookie sheet with out rubbing

Have the cookies simply come out of the oven and already thought of cleansing the griddle? Don’t be concerned anymore.

This is the trick to simply clear the board with out scrubbing it. All you want is baking soda and hydrogen peroxide (additionally known as hydrogen peroxide).

How do I do:

1. Put a layer of baking soda on the baking tray.


2. Then hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide) – it’s sufficient to moisten the primary layer.

3. Lastly, a second layer of bicarbonate.

4. Depart it for 2 hours after which take away the combination with water. New software improves the outcome.

With this tip, you do not have to clear up! But when you don’t need to wait two hours, you can even combine baking soda and hydrogen peroxide to make a paste.

All you may have to do is rub this paste to take away residue, burn and grease from plaque. Word that it additionally works with kitchen devices.

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