Here are the reasons why your orchid is dying!

Here are the reasons why your orchid is dying!

In actual fact, the aerial roots that come out of the pot ought to in no case be lower, except they are rotten, and we perceive this as a result of they are pulled with out utilizing scissors. These roots which have grown out of the pot have tailored to such a life, that is to say in the air, and don’t trigger issues. If the aerial roots of the orchid are wholesome, it signifies that they are positioned in the proper place, in a moist place.

Aerial roots, as we’ve got stated, ought to by no means be lower and are not roots that don’t match into the pot. In actual fact, this situation of the orchid doesn’t imply that the plant must be repotted. Nonetheless, all the time examine the suggestions of your orchid’s aerial roots, which needs to be inexperienced in shade to point that it is wholesome.

Aerial roots of the orchid
If, on the opposite, you discover that the aerial roots are not inexperienced, which means the root is drying out, and due to this fact there is a way to resolve this drawback earlier than it is too late. What it is advisable do is actually easy and retains the aerial roots alive and never tending to dry out.


Merely take a bowl of water and immerse the inactive aerial root in it. The foundation offers the orchid with moisture and water. As well as, this technique makes the room extra humid and thus promotes the progress of the plant. You’ll instantly discover that it adjustments from grey to inexperienced.

Orchid – aerial roots in a bowl of water

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