Witch Hazel: 18 Uses For This Powerful Little Bottle

There are lots of causes to seize a bottle of witch hazel, from do-it-yourself cleansing options to pure magnificence therapies. For a long time, this natural substance has been harvested from the witch hazel plant in North America, the place it has been used for all the things from selling pores and skin well being to stopping infections and controlling bugs.

Native People historically used the leaves and bark of witch hazel plant as a conventional treatment.

At present, witch hazel is out there in most pharmacies. It’s typically used as an astringent, drawing tissues collectively and narrowing blood vessels.

Folks utilizing witch hazel on their pores and skin for a lot of causes, together with infections, cuts, insect bites, & different pores and skin issues.

How does it work correctly ?

How does it work correctly ?

Witch hazel incorporates substances referred to as tannins. Witch hazel, when utilized on to the pores and skin, helps scale back swelling, restore broken pores and skin, and combat micro organism.

The makes use of of witch hazel are limitless, however listed here are essentially the most surprisingly widespread makes use of :


Lowering stretch marks: Witch hazel might have some advantages for sustaining wholesome collagen fibers, giving it an choice for treating stretch marks. Pregnant ladies use it throughout being pregnant to keep away from stretch marks on the stomach.

Purify oily pores and skin: Witch hazel is a superb pure pores and skin cleanser, particularly for controlling extra oil. As an astringent with anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, witch hazel can be utilized successfully as a cleanser.

Efficient Pimples Therapy: As anybody with zits is aware of, it may be not possible to seek out an efficient therapy that is freed from harsh chemical substances. Nevertheless, that is the place witch hazel is available in. And since witch hazel is an astringent, it helps dry up zits. Plus, it is wealthy in antioxidants and successfully fights germs on acne-prone pores and skin with out over-drying it out.

Anti-dandruff therapies: Do you have got an itchy scalp? Dandruff is the principle supply of irritation and may be eradicated with witch hazel oil. Comb your hair and divide it into totally different components, then therapeutic massage the oil immediately into the scalp. Go away it on for a couple of minutes earlier than shampooing.

Puffiness underneath the eyes: Irritation of the fragile pores and skin tissue behind the eyes causes puffiness underneath the eyes. Making use of treatments containing witch nuts could appear unusual at first, however they assist scale back puffiness across the eyes.

– Relieves scalp irritation: Folks with pores and skin issues resembling psoriasis typically expertise stressed scalp, which causes a burning sensation. Witch hazel may also help pace up the scalp restoration course of, in addition to soothe and restore cuts and scale back irritation.

Stopping hair loss: When witch hazel is rubbed into the hair, it will increase blood circulation to the roots, which improves the understanding of hair follicles within the scalp tissues and helps management hair loss.

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