How To Properly Freeze Corn On The Cob


Chilly, corn kernels are eaten, most frequently canned or frozen. The corn can then accompany a salad of greens, pasta or rice. Scorching, it’s scrumptious in omelettes, quiches and Mexican dishes.

Corn may be cooked in a number of methods: boiled, barbecued, steamed or microwaved.

Two recipe concepts: stuffed corn husks and corn cream, in case your ears are too previous.

In Mexico, corn husks are present in tamales and prawns.


It’s advisable to eat corn as quickly as doable after buy as a result of it loses its taste rapidly. It may be saved within the fridge, unpeeled, for 2 or three days.



Corn will also be saved within the freezer for a 12 months. Earlier than freezing it, it’s essential to blanch the corn cobs. To do that, peel the corn on the cob and take away the silks (beards). Minimize it into items and put it in boiling water for five to 10 minutes. Drain and let cool earlier than freezing. For cooking, let it thaw for two hours then boil it for 3 to five minutes.


Corn on the cob is at its peak throughout the months of July, August and September throughout the Quebec harvest.

Select ears with rounded and clean kernels. This reveals that it has not began to dry out.

Candy corn can also be accessible canned or frozen.

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