Dip Q-tip in paint & press on glass for the most elegant look yet


Whether or not it’s “wine o’clock” or time for pink lemonade, a festive glass positively makes no matter you’re imbibing style higher. On this DIY we present you the best way to take easy and unadorned, stemless wineglasses and make them extra-special.

Right here we create three enjoyable iterations of painted dot patterns on the glasses with acrylic paint and our particular utility device, the widespread Q-tip! The primary glass is roofed in a multi-colored confetti of polka dots, the second will get the metallic therapy, and the third proves that daisies fairly than diamonds simply may be a lady’s greatest good friend. These glasses serve you effectively in entertaining your company as a result of they’ll simply inform which one is theirs. Plus, a set of a number of or a half dozen makes a wonderful reward. Take the leap, and remodel your glasses from ho-hum to tremendous enjoyable!

– Small paint palette with at the very least 9 wells
– 11 bottles of acrylic paint in completely different shades, however should embrace white and shiny yellow
– 3 stemless wineglasses
– Cotton swabs
– Blow-dryer
– Jar of copper-colored Liquid Steel acrylic paint
– Roll of blue painter’s tape
– Jar of Mod Podge clear acrylic sealer spray

1. Fill every effectively in the paint palette with a distinct shade of acrylic paint.


Place the wineglass so its mouth is on the work floor.


Take a cotton swab, dip it in the darkest paint, and dot it randomly on the glass’ exterior. The dot styles and sizes will all be barely completely different, however that’s OK.


Dip the different finish of the swab into one other coloration of paint, and apply extra dots, however don’t make fairly as many as you probably did with the first paint coloration.


Put the glass down, and get the blow-dryer.


Blow-dry the paint on the glass.


Take a brand new swab, and dip it into the third coloration of paint, then apply extra dots to the glass’ exterior. As you utilize every successive coloration, apply fewer dots of paint and focus extra of the dots on the backside part of the glass.


8. Put the glass down.

9. Blow-dry the new layer of painted dots on the glass.

10. Proceed making use of every new coloration of dots with a swab, altering out swabs as mandatory and blow-drying every new coloration of dots as you go. The extra colours you add, the better the likelihood that you just would possibly put one coloration atop one other in just a few locations. That’s OK too.

11. Get a brand new glass and the jar of Liquid Steel paint.

12. Dip a cotton swab tip into the copper paint, and apply dots in a random style on the backside third of the glass. These dots are spaced randomly however densely.


13. Blow-dry the painted copper dots.

14. Apply a second spherical of copper dots on the glass. Put extra on the backside portion and transfer up, placing fewer dots above the backside portion and stopping if you get to the center of the glass. The higher third of the glass can be merely clear, with no painted dots. The impact will nearly look like the glass is stuffed with sequins at the backside.

15. Blow-dry the moist paint.

16. Get a 3rd glass, and place it face down on the work floor.

17. Fill one effectively in the paint palette with white paint and a second one with shiny yellow paint.

18. Dip one finish of a cotton swab into the white paint, and paint a small sample of 5 dots that type a circle. It should look like a flower, and the heart can be clear.


19. Enable a little bit of area in-between the flowers, and paint about seven extra round the backside of the glass.

20. Paint a second row of white flowers above the first row on the glass.

21. Blow-dry the moist paint.

22. Use the different finish of the swab to use a yellow paint dot to the heart of every of the flowers. Enable that paint to dry.


Tear three items of painter’s tape off the roll, so that every is lengthy sufficient to go round the mouths of the glasses.


24. Place every bit of tape so its backside half covers the prime of the glass and the higher half of every piece extends past the lip of every glass.

25. Spray the areas beneath the tape on every glass with the acrylic sealer spray.


26. Enable every to dry.

27. Get pleasure from these one-of-a-kind artwork items that may make any e-book membership assembly higher, dinner extra enjoyable, and patio social gathering extra valuable!



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