10 First Aid Techniques That Turn Out to Be Harmful

First assist abilities are obligatory for everybody. But when you don’t have sufficient data of  assist an injured individual, chances are you’ll even make it worse.

Vibrant Aspect created a record of the commonest errors that individuals make after they present first assist.

First of all:

  • Be sure you’re not in hazard.
  • Verify the individual’s pulse, breath, and test the pupils’ measurement in gentle and darkish, as they need to develop into smaller when it is gentle.

Warning! If indicators of life are absent, carry out cardiopulmonary resuscitation instantly.

10. In case of extreme bleeding:

The primary mistake: making use of a tourniquet instantly.

The very first thing it’s best to do is cease the bleeding. That’s why you must clamp the artery that’s closest to the wound. Then it’s best to apply a compressive bandage utilizing sterile wipes or, if the wound is very deep, stuff it with wipes and repair a tampon with a bandage.

A tourniquet should be applied only in case of emergency. It’s utilized to the pores and skin above the wound and as near the wound as attainable.

  • Essential: The tourniquet must be loosened for 10-Quarter-hour each hour and don’t neglect to press the artery. Then, the tourniquet must be tightened once more, however not for greater than 30 minutes.

9. In case of a nosebleed:

The primary mistake: tilting the top again.

Make the individual sit down, tip his or her head slightly forward to let the blood circulate, and press the smooth a part of the nostril along with your fingers for no greater than 10 minutes. The individual ought to spit out all of the blood so as to not trigger vomiting.

  • Essential: Do not clog the nostril with cotton pads or tampons. That is obligatory provided that the bleeding doesn’t cease in 15 minutes. Name a physician instantly in this case.

8. In case of hypothermia:

The primary errors: rubbing with snow, oil, or Vaseline, inflicting the physique temperature to rise shortly.

First of all, a individual must be positioned in a heat room and the frozen physique elements must be lined. Be certain that the individual is carrying dry garments and wrap him or her up in heat blankets. What’s extra, it’s vital to provide a individual with candy drinks and a sizzling meal.

7. In case of cardiac arrest:

The primary mistake: performing the identical actions for individuals of totally different ages.

An oblique coronary heart therapeutic massage for adults is carried out with 2 fingers: the bottom of the palm presses on the chest and the thumb of the hand must be going through the individual’s chin or legs. The identical actions, however with the entire palm, must be carried out for youngsters. And at last, to carry out an indirect heart massage for a baby, it’s best to press with 2 fingers.

  • Essential: You may carry out an oblique coronary heart therapeutic massage solely when the individual is positioned on a straight and durable floor.

6. In case of a burn:

The primary mistake: elimination of the garments and piercing the burn bubbles.

To assist a burning individual, it’s best to make them lie down and extinguish the flame utilizing your garments, provided that the fabric is nonflammableThen, name a physician.


If there may be a slight burn without significant tissue damage, it’s vital to rinse the pores and skin with water for 20 minutes. Apply a sterile bandage and place ice or something chilly on prime. When every part is carried out, it’s best to name a physician.

  • Essential: If a burn is extreme, give the individual some salt or mineral water.

5. Airway obstruction:

The primary mistake: attempting to use the Heimlich maneuver whereas saving an unconscious individual.

If the individual choked or fainted, lay them down on his or her again and sit on his or her hips. Then put your fingers on the costal arch and press down. Then put the individual on one facet and take away the overseas object from his or her mouth along with your fingers lined with a material.

If a baby choked, put them on your left forearm (or proper if you’re left-handed) with their head down and provides 3 again blows, after which take their legs and switch them the other way up.

  • Essential: If you utilize the Heimlich maneuver for a pregnant woman, it’s best to press a bit above the rib cage.

4. In case of dislocation:

The primary mistake: trying to put a joint back.

We can discover out the kind of a dislocation solely with the assistance of an X-ray process. That’s why the one factor we can do is to not let the individual transfer the injured a part of the physique. Don’t bend or unbend it. You should use any flat and slim objects to bind the injured half and the closest joints, so as to immobilize them. Bandages must be used to repair a brace lengthwise, excluding the injured half. If there aren’t any appropriate objects, an arm must be mounted to the physique and a leg must be pressed and tightened to the opposite leg.

  • Essential: Do not apply bandages too tightly. The circulation ought to keep regular.

3. In case of poisoning:

The primary mistake: lack of water.

To wash out the stomach, a individual ought to drink 10-20 cups of plain water. And after 1.5-2 cups, the water ought to spill out. To trigger vomiting, press on the bottom of the tongue with 2 fingers. The process could also be repeated a number of instances earlier than the water turns into clear.

  • Essential: Don’t proceed with gastric lavage if a individual is unconscious.

2. In case of a snakebite:

The primary mistake: sucking a snakebite.

First, lay the individual down so as to not enable the poison to unfold shortly. Immobilize the limb: if a leg is injured, fasten it to one other leg, if it’s an arm, press it to the physique. If the individual is unconscious, carry out cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

  • Essential: A tourniquet is ineffective in this case, as it doesn’t stop the poison from spreading. It can also trigger necrosis.

1. In case of decrease belly ache:

The primary mistake: taking painkillers or antispasmodics.

We are sometimes really useful to take painkillers to scale back decrease belly ache. However docs advise in opposition to this as a result of if we get rid of the sensation of ache, we can miss the indicators of fatally harmful illnesses, corresponding to acute appendicitis, bowel obstruction, or a perforated ulcer.

  • Essential: If you’re feeling acute ache in your stomach, name a physician instantly.

Keep in mind that it’s best to all the time name a physician or a rescuer in case of an emergency.

Furthermore, we advocate you to take first assist programs so you’ll be able to all the time be ready to present life-saving help.

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