Is Phenaphen Safe for Dogs?

Phenaphen, or Tylenol, could be a common over-the-counter medication utilized by humans to alleviate pain and fever. you will be tempted to offer your dog acetaminophen for pain since it’s on the market over-the-counter. However, this drug may be deadly to dogs. you must ne’er give your dog acetaminophen. If you think your dog wants pain relief or encompasses a fever, look for a veterinary look after your dog.

What will Phenaphen Do?

Acetaminophen is a nonprescription medication that relieves delicate to moderate pain and reduces fever. the precise mechanism of action is not known, however, the drug has been a popular, effective pain reliever and fever reducer for human use since the 1950s.

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Phenaphen isn’t on the market in veterinary preparations and is not the most popular style of pain relief in dogs.

will Dogs Have Phenaphen?

Acetaminophen may be extremely deadly to dogs.

There are also cases wherever your veterinary recommends giving acetaminophen to your dog. If so, it’ vital that you simply follow your vet’s recommendation for dose and administration.

If your dog is in delicate to moderate pain, your vet can doubtless visit a lot of effective, safer drugs than Phenaphen. If you would like to seek out AN over-the-counter medication, your vet could advocate a selected dose of baby Empirin rather than acetaminophen. ne’er provide Motrin (Advil) or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (Aleve) to dogs. invariably consult your vet before giving your dog any medication, supplement, or seasoning remedy. Note: acetaminophen isn’t safe for cats.

facet effects of Phenaphen Use in Dogs


Dogs receiving safe doses of acetaminophen should expertise some adverse effects, such as canal upset, liver and/or excretory organ issues, and cognate problems. there’s very little info regarding the facet effects of therapeutic Phenaphen use in dogs since it’s not the most popular style of pain management.

Phenaphen Toxicity in Dogs

Phenaphen is mostly thought-about deadly to dogs at doses of around 100-150 mg per weight unit (45-68 mg per pound).1 However, some dogs are a lot of sense and can expertise toxic effects at lower doses. In addition, frequent uptake of acetaminophen could create dogs more liable to toxicity.

Phenaphen toxicity causes harm to the liver. It may harm the kidneys as well.1 This damage creates several serious complications within the body and should cause death.

Signs of Phenaphen toxicity usually seem around one to four hours when uptake and have a tendency to urge step by step worse if untreated.2

  • Lethargy
  • Depression
  • Loss of appetence
  • Nausea
  • Excessive secernment
  • instinctive reflex
  • diarrhea
  • dark-brown colored mucose membranes
  • Blue-gray colored mucous membranes (cyanosis)
  • fast or labored respiratory
  • Dark-colored excrement (may appear brown or reddish-brown)
  • Swelling of the face and/or extremities
  • Tremors
  • Collapse
  • abrupt death

What try and to|to try and do} If Your Dog Gets an excessive {amount of} Phenaphen

If you recognize that you simply dog eaten a deadly amount of acetaminophen, then you must contact your veterinary immediately. Your vet could advocate that you induce instinctive reflex reception or transportation your dog certain them to induce vomiting below veterinary supervision. Don’t try to induce vomiting at home unless your veterinarian recommends it and provides instructions.

If it’s been half-hour or a lot since your dog ate acetaminophen, then vomiting is unlikely to be enough. Your dog can like veterinary treatment for acetaminophen toxicity. The vet might have to offer your dog atomic number 6 to soak up toxins within the GI tract. A drug referred to as N-acetylcysteine is taken into account as a sort of cure and should incline if available. blood vessel fluids and numerous medications are also necessary for collateral care. In serious cases, your vet may advocate a referral to a veterinary specialist in internal medicine.

The prognosis of Phenaphen toxicity in dogs varies from case to case. As is that the case with most toxins, the earlier the dog is treated, the higher the prospect of recovery.

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