Chocolate-Covered Cake with Fresh Fruit

Two 8-inch (20-cm) truffles, one chocolate and one vanilla, are every cut up into two layers. Alternate layers are sandwiched collectively and coated with whipped dairy cream flavored with melted chocolate. The cake is then fully coated in melted semisweet chocolate to offer an opulent shiny end and adorned with chocolate-dipped recent fruit and chocolate leaves.

Learn how to Dip Fruit 

1. Make sure that the fruit is dry and at room temperature

2. Maintain the stalk finish of the fruit and thoroughly dip the fruit into the melted chocolate.3. Gently shake the fruit to permit the surplus chocolate to fall. 4. Go away the dipped items of fruit to set on baking parchment.

Did You Know? 

At all times be certain that something you wish to coat with or dip into chocolate is at room temperature or the chocolate will set earlier than coating easily
A choice of colourful fruits, half-dipped in both semisweet, milk, or white chocolate, seems very interesting

Learn how to Make Chocolate Leaves


1. Select small, agency leaves with well-defined veins from flowers, herbs, or different varieties of vegetation. Use the leaves when they’re nonetheless recent and dry them totally with paper towels.
2. Utilizing a medium-size paintbrush, thickly coat the underside of every leaf with melted chocolate. Don’t paint over its edge, or the leaf is not going to peel away from the chocolate
3. Place the leaves on parchment paper, chocolate aspect up, in a cool place to set

4. Simply earlier than utilizing the chocolate leaves as decorations, peel the true leaves away from the chocolate and discard.

Piping with Chocolate

Melted chocolate is kind of tough to pipe via a steel tube as a result of the coldness of the steel units the chocolate earlier than it may be piped. A method round that is so as to add just a few drops of glycerin to the chocolate to thicken it (reasonably than permit the chocolate to chill and thicken) after which pipe it via a tube as rapidly as attainable. If the chocolate does begin to set, heat the piping tube in your palms. In the event you solely must pipe easy ornamental threads or chocolate outlines (for piped chocolate items and chocolate run-outs, for instance), use a parchment-paper piping bag with the top snipped off to a degree. The only resolution of all is to make use of chocolate hazelnut unfold as a result of it has the perfect consistency.
Utilizing Chocolate Unfold Match a parchment-paper piping bag with a small star tube, fill the bag with chocolate hazelnut unfold, and use it to pipe engaging borders.At all times select easy shapes for offset piping: stylized flowers work nicely for piped items, and animals, hearts, flowers, bells, horseshoes, numbers, or letters are supreme decisions for run-outs. Cookie cutters make glorious templates for most of these designs.

Learn how to Pipe Chocolate Items 

1. Draw the chosen designs on a chunk of paper. Place parchment paper on prime of your drawing paper and safe the corners in place with tape.
2. Fill a parchment-paper piping bag with melted chocolate, fold down the highest, and snip off the top. 3. Pipe advantageous threads of chocolate, following the outlines of your designs, or pipe freehand designs
4. Enable the chocolate to set after which rigorously slide a skinny icing spatula beneath each bit to loosen it from the paper and use for adorning.

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